Recording your PIP or ESA assessment

That DWP agents who do the personal assessments for ESA and PIP cannot be trusted.  Although some assessments are carried out properly, many are not, and some are fabricated to justify the removal of benefits.

As such it is essential that anyone having one of these personal assessments gets it recorded.  If you have to go to an assessment centre they should have recording equipment available.  If you have one at home then you should have the same opportunity to have your interview recorded as if you went to an assessment centre.  So insist on the same and get advice if they refuse.

To have your ESA examination recorded call the "Health Assessment Advisory Service" on 0800 288 8777.  The guidance is here.

For PIP you can also get your assessment recorded and you are strongly encouraged to insist on it.  If this threatens to delay your claim and you cannot afford the delay then record it yourself as happened here.

If you do not have it recorded it could be your word against theirs and you run the risk of being stitched up.


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