Disability Discrimination - Other

The only way to enforce disability rights is by disabled people bringing cases.  There is no legal aid for 99.5% of cases and yet the Equality Act is only enforced by people bringing cases to court. 

The established advice sector has been slow to respond to this with outmoded "you'll need a solicitor" type of advice routlnely handed out even though that is now not a realistic option in most cases.

Most disabled people do not have the money for conventional fee-charging legal advice with fees likely to be more than the compensation in small claims cases, which most are.  Legal aid is virtually impossible to get and trying to get it, with virtually guaranteed failure, absorbs energy that is better spent on enforcing disability rights.

This is one of the few websites that recognises this reality and is packed with useful information: Disability Attitude Readjustment Tool.

Here is a face coverings discrimination letter for services.  There is usually a six month time limit from the date of the discriminatory incident to get your claim to court.

We are a small company and cannot take on anything like everyone's case unfortunately.  We have to prioritise the more extreme cases where people are denied access to essential services.  Please note that although medical evidence is not needed to exercise a face coverings exemption it is needed to bring a disability discrimination claim. 

In our news item of 28 June 2021 (follow the "News" link from the main menu) you will find information about pursuiing a face coverings discrimination court claim. 


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