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And here is a film that includes footage of our Director tackling benefits sanctions in Salford.  It opens with a victim of an unlawful benefits removal describing his shattering experience. 

If you like data, you may be interested in our social security Performance Monitoring Data.

This shows the total value of social security financial gains to customers was £1,463,194 with £27,660 charged in fees in 2019/20.  The totals are based on the total lifetime value of the award.  The fees are totals charged against arrears but the financial gains are also projected into the future.  This reflects our work to make the case for longer PIP awards.  If we only published arrears as financial gains it would serve as a perverse incentive to take longer to resolve cases to build up arrears.  Whereas we resolve cases as rapidly as we can - often without needing the full social security appeals journey. 

Since publishing our last performance monitoring data as above our total gains for the following year - 2020/21 - improved to £2,707,200 with £56,496 charged in fees.  The figures for the benefits raised are the total lifetime of the award.  Fees are 30% of arrears only.  Whereas the benefits for the claimant project into the future.  No passported gains are included so the real benefits to customers are higher. 


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