About Us

You can’t lose with Kester Disability Rights, because all our resources and advice are FREE and the only time the question of a charge arises is if we take on your case and then only if we WIN.
Charges are capped at 30% of the total gained. No other charges whatsoever.
Kester Disability Rights is a move away from the traditional charity advice model to one that is independent and sustainable.
We are not-for-profit with all money raised from cases being reinvested to maintain and grow services.
Independence is guaranteed by all funding coming from disabled people so we are a rights-based service.
We are not subject to influence by corporate or charitable funders.
We have no executive salaries, steering groups or trustee/management boards.
So you can only gain from any contact with Kester Disability Rights.
How many services can you say that about?
Our main work is overturning Personal Independence Payments (PIP) decisions. Our success rate is over 95%.
There are strict time limits for remedies – sometimes as little as one month from a bad decision by the DWP, so please don’t delay in making contact.



Kester Disability Rights Ltd., The Archway Centre, 6 New Road, Ludlow SY8 2NX. Registered in England number 11917856.