Neurogenics - Exterminating Autistic Brilliance

Autism is classed as a "disability" and "disorder".  My book shows it is anything but.  In fact more autistic thinking is needed to solve society's problems. 

Instead we have the scandalous situation where our disabling and disordered society is killing and injuring autistic people at a savage rate.  Life-expectancy is about 54 for people on the autistic spectrum and a suicide rate about 15 times higher than in the general population.  This is because society has become increasingly hostile to autistic thinking.  As a result there is more chaos and disorganisation resulting in massive increases in mental health problems.

The solution is to move away from labelling autistic people as "disabled" and "disordered" and to instead acknowledge that the reverse is the case.  In fact it is the lack of autistic thinking in decisions that drive employment, benefits and society, and in the way people communicate generally, that is leading to destructive chaos.  This includes our unproductive economy, lack of organisation in the delivery of services such as health and transport, and in confusing and deceitful communication that results in more and more mental health problems. 

We need more direct communication and more thinking free from social constraints.  That is what autistic people are better at than the general population.

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