How can discrimination claims be issued in Court?

Kester Disability Rights may be able to help you put together your case. You may have to pay a court fee, which is refundable by the losing side if your case wins. There could be further court fees if a hearing is necessary. Many people do not have to pay court fees. This is called “court fees exemption” and depends on your income. Basically if you’ve not much money you won’t have to pay court fees. You can check if you are eligible for court fees exemption here.

And here is further information about rules for small claims in the County Court: Civil Procedure Rules Part 27 - Small Claims

Most disability compensation claims come within small claims limits so legal costs are not usually available to either side. This means that it is uneconomic to use solicitors for most of these types of claims. Tragically this means that thousands of acts of disability discrimination occur every year with impunity. That needs remedying. It's so bad there is even a Parliamentary Inquiry into it.

You do not necessarily need a solicitor for these types of claims – please see FAQ, "Are you a solicitor?".

And here is a self-help DWP discrimination guide