Shocking NHS Data release shows nearly half of ESA claimants have attempted suicide

Figures available to the Government in 2016, but only just released, show that 47.1% of women and 43.2% of ESA claimants have tried to kill themselves. This compares to the general population suicide attempts figures of 1 in 15 adults, or 6.7%.

You can find the data here: - scroll down to: “APMS-2014-Chapter-12-Suicidal-Thoughts-Suicide-Attempts-and-Self-Harm-Tables/xls/apms-2014-ch-12-tabs” or go direct to: (you may get a safety warning but it is a safe link to official NHS data).

This is the latest in a long-stream of evidence showing that Government social security policies are killing people.

Disabled mother Jodey Whiting committed suicide after her benefits were stopped for missing an appointment.

And former soldier David Clapson was killed when the state stopped his subsistence payments. There has still not been an inquest but David’s sister has started legal action to get one.

And severe injuries have also been inflicted on Dave Boyce who lost his leg as a result of benefits sanctions.

And see here for a film I’m in showing how benefits sanctions are hurting people: benefits sanctions in Salford

What does carrying on with these policies in the face of such evidence say to you about the Government?

The welfare system created to save lives has been reengineered into one that is killing people.


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