Sanctions victory after five year battle

After a five year battle we eventually got the Parliamentary Ombudsman to recommend compensation and changes to DWP practices regarding benefits sanctions.

We worked with Rebecca Long-Bailey MP who referred the case to the Ombudsman.  Incredibly the case was rejected and then the DWP was uncooperative making it KDR's longest running ever case.

The complainant was a severely disabled widow.  Her entire income was removed when accidentally missing a Jobcentre Plus appointment having being wrongly found fit for work. 

This was during a very dark period in DWP history when staff were instructed to sanction claimants with targets widely believed to have been in place.  It is appreciated sanctions still happen, but it is not on the scale it was back in the days when Iain Duncan Smith was Secretary of State. 

KDR's client was severely injured by the destitution inflicted upon her, but thankfully recovered - many victims didn't and some were even killed.  Hence we were relieved to get recommendations made by the Ombudsman to hopefully ensure the sanctions regime cannot be used against disabled people in the future.  The DWP eventually agreed to the recommendations.

Here is the report.  The reason for the delay in getting it on here is we've been swamped with face coverings cases!


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