Personal Independence Payment (PIP) success rate maintained at over 90%

Since Kester Disability Rights (KDR) started in 2017 we have achieved over 90% success rate for PIP cases. This has become more of an achievement as time has gone on.

For some conditions our success rate is even higher – for example deafness is 100% and autism was 100%, although we have one on possible appeal from the First-tier tribunal. That means our unblemished record for autism is now on the line.

The main difficulty is the lack of objectivity from the DWP, with some staff, and especially agents (Capita, Atos and the like) appearing to work backwards from a pre-determined outcome.

And that has led to some murky waters with the DWP conjuring up “evidence” of claimants “over-stating their needs” by being carers and having jobs, even though both are allowed within the PIP rules.

A new regime of “Search-light” is being deployed with earnings figures scoured from His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) records, even though PIP is not means-tested, and some “earnings” in fact being contractual sick-pay.

With such desperate tactics being deployed to disallow PIP claims no wonder our success-rate is so high.

A better way involves making fair and lawful decisions on each PIP claim following a fair and unbiased assessment. That appears a remote possibility as matters stand. We would then be out of a job, but that is the goal of advice work.


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