Lock-down and "corona-rules" erosion of disability rights

Although the current crack-down on civil liberties is being presented as "saving the vulnerable" it's increasingly looking like the reverse is the case.

Some of the impacts of "the rules" as opposed to the virus itself include:

- Withdrawal of previously routine NHS screening and treatments (disguised by people being encouraged to say "Thank you NHS").

- People unable to wear face masks too frightened to go out.

- Systematic exclusion of people dependent on lip reading by over-use of face coverings.

- Worsening of mental health amongst those most vulnerable to suicide leading to an increase in suicide.

- Already skeletal mental health and children's disability services becoming even more minimal. 

- Steep rise in child and vulnerable adult abuse and domestic abuse generally.

- Nursing homes residents being placed in indefinite solitary confinement with only human contact with staff dressed in full PPE.

- Victims of crime denied justice indefinitely. 

Upon writing to my MP to request the Government does a proper rational analysis of the impacts of the virus itself against impact of lock-down and associated rules I have so far not had a reply.  I will keep trying as history is likely to show the current situation was as a huge mistake.   

Remembrance video and reflections

We received this new song for Remembrance.

Kester Disability Rights has supported many suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

People often don't realise how let down people can be by the benefits system.  Being sent this wonderful song reminded me, for example, of the Northern Ireland veteran I found sleeping rough - his ESA had been terminated because he didn't go to a personal assessment.  The letter was sent to an address from before he became street homeless. 

And I remember one man from when I worked for Citizens Advice who served in the Gulf War and was ridiculed for turning up to a personal assessment in his medals, before being disallowed benefits he was obviously entitled to. 

Although these are "no brainer" cases that it is easy to win it of course shouldn't happen in the first place.  Yet we also get abuse survivors wrongly denied benefits every month.  Hopefully the covid crisis will get more people realising that social security should be there for all who need it.