First year earnings are £7,000

Kester Disability Rights (KDR) made £7,000 in its first year.  That is my total pre-tax profits for the first full financial year of operation - my earnings for the entire year.  When setting up KDR I committed to only ever making a modest salary and all the surplus would go into expanding the service, but perhaps not that modest!  Although business people say to make any money at all in the first year is a bonus.  Fortunately I had redundancy money to subsidise it with.

When agonising over whether I should set up a charity or company I thought long and hard about what to do for the best.  Both models have reputation problems.  Charities sometimes pay very large salaries to people not doing very much whilst those doing all the work get very little, and companies have the same tendency.

So I went for the company option as I can't stand committees.  And I've come up with an imaginative new name and had a sign made for my office.


DWP reducing reassessments of pensioners for internal reasons

Here is a story showing the recent announcement that pensioners would no longer be repeatedly reasssessed for PIP could be less to do with compassion and more to do with expediency.

The simple truth is Parliament never voted for claimants in deteriorating health to be repeatedly reassessed, which makes it all the more astonishing that people under pension age with chronic and deteriorating conditions are still going to be!