Cover up of registered nurses malpractice in benefits assessments

Having assisted a number of complainants to bring complaints about registered nurses doing the exact opposite of what nurses should do: i.e. harming patients rather than helping them, it was shocking to read this:

Amongst the complaints I've seen were clear examples of nurses ignoring specialist evidence in favour of "informal observations" (i.e. looking the patient up and down and deciding if they're considered worthy of the benefit), and misrepresenting what the patient had told them in order to deliver what appeared to be a predetermined outcome.  Claimants going from zero points when assessed by a nurse employed by Capita/Atos for PIP to 20+ points when specialist medical evidence available to them was actually properly considered surely indicates a problem!

The shocking revelations from Disability News Service appears to suggest nurses are immune from regulatory action when carrying out PIP and ESA assessments.

Carer told must go to work despite wife's injuries from fits

Tracey from Tredegar in South Wales had her PIP dailiy living component arbitrarily removed after a faulty "assessment by a health care professional".   This meant her husband was faced with the end of his carers allowance, which would have forced him to seek work.  Tracey has epilepsy and has sustained multiple injuries from fits. 

The DWP decision to remove Tracey's PIP daily living component was despite information readily available to it showing Tracey's safety could only be protected by her having a full time carer. 

Fortunately a single Kester Disability Rights letter resulted in PIP daily living being restored at the enhanced rate.  And this means her husband can continue to get carers allowance.  This was achieved so quickly that arrears were under £125!

Thousands of claimants in similar situations have to endure the full appeals regime (typically taking around a year) to get benefits restored.  This is a national scandal involving substantial risk and damage to disabled people and massive waste of tax payer's money.