Legal aid "gateway" in fact a barricade

The Government's farcical "Civil Legal Advice Gateway" delivered just 15 funded discrimination cases in an entire year.  And that's for all categories of discrimination!  And just 0.2% of people seeking support with challenging discrimination were allowed face to face advice.

The CLAG is a virtual reality service - it makes it look like help is available when in fact it isn't.  Applicants have to undergo two means tests, one with Officials tasked with assessing their case, and then another if they are passed on to a legally qualified contractor.  And if they get that far applicants are bombarded with an avalanche of paperwork that does nothing to progress the case but prevents most people getting any further.

Baring in mind this is the only route to get legal aid for discrimination claims against the DWP it is hardly surprising. 

This excellent report from Public Law Project provides further detail: PLP Research Briefing Paper - The Civil Legal Advice Telephone Gateway



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