KDR fees percentage increase but still entirely no win no fee

Since Kester Disability Rights (KDR) started in 2017 the fees percentage has always been 25%.  We are having to put it up to 30%.  This is because we do not make enough money at 25% to pay staff anything like a decent wage.  The director works less than the minimum wage because company directors are one of the few exemptions from minimum wage requirements.  Other staff are also paid far less than their levels of skills and commitment deserve.  This is not sustainable. 

The service is still entirely no win no fee.  There are no hidden extras whatsoever.  So in the rare event of us losing a case, the cost is entirely borne by us.  And if we win you still get over two thirds of the winnings, that you probably wouldn't have got without us, which is why you came to us in the first place!

Some cases have very little, or even no, money in them, and even for those the deal is exactly the same. 

Fee charging remains the only way to fund the service as there are no other realistic and sustainable sources of funding available for advice work.  This funding model also guarantees our independence.  As a limited company we also escape the bureaucracy and unhealthy influences that can permeate registered charities.

Please note that the increase only affects new customers.  Anyone who has signed an agreement for 25% of course remains at 25%. 



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