DWP suicides to be investigated by National Audit Office

Ever since a client committed suiced whilst I was working at the CAB, I've seen the DWP doubling down such as to increase the risk to disabled claimants with more dying as a result.

In particular, the DWP will give no ground at all on what it sees as its absolute right to repeatedly and pointlessly reassess chronically sick and disabled ESA claimants.  It does not have to do this as all ESA awards are indefinite.

When the ESA (and increasingly now Universal Credit sickness group) reassessment regime is lauched a bureaucratic obstacle course is unleashed that even many fully fit people would struggle to get through.  Yet this is regularly cut loose against chronically sick and disabled people.  One false move during that process can result in the removal of essential subsistance payments enforcing destitution on the claimant.  Some can't take it.

Now there is to be an investigation by the National Audit Office because the DWP is so reluctant to share any information about what it knows ...

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