DWP refuses to end "informal observations" for PIP

The DWP has so far refused to end its practice of assessing claimants walking ability on the basis they could get to their assessment. This practice is unfair because claimants are also told that if they don't reach the assessment they will not get PIP.  Faced with this choice claimants who are unaware of the DWP's obligation to make reasonable adjustments will tend to drag themselves to the consulting room in pain only to then find out that this is taken to mean they have walking ability better than the level needed to get PIP mobility. The DWP calls assessors secretly watching claimants get from car parks to the consulting room "informal observations". In a letter to me the DWP says it will not end the practice because claimants "have the opportunity to make the HCP aware" [of the problems they had getting to the consulting room]. This does not tend to have any impact on such "evidence" routinely being used to disallow PIP mobility claims, however, and so we'll continue to challenge this unfair practice. If you're in this situation remember if you can't reasonably reach the proposed consulting venue, even with a taxi arranged by the assessor, then a home visit must be provided.  You can find template letters here.


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