Change in face coverings discrimination casework

Unfortunately we are having to dramatically reduce the number of face coverings cases we take on.  This is because:


  • We are a small company having only 5 staff.
  • The face coverings work is swamping other areas.
  • Service providers almost invariably seek to defend the indefensible and drag matters out as long as possible.
  • Staff are working ludicrous hours trying to deal with it and there is a risk to them unless we reduce demand.
  • Some customers form expectations we cannot meet.


So reluctantly we have had to bring in the following criteria for us to be able to take on a face coverings case:


  • The case must involve denial of access to essentials such as health-care, education or employment because you are disabled and cannot safely wear a face covering.
  • The guilty party must have confirmed its position in writing.


In most cases if a written complaint is made the organisation will change its position.  If, when you've made a complaint, the organisation insists it can bar you even though you have made clear you are exempt from wearing a face covering then let us know and we'll do everything we can.

If you still wish to pursue a court claim then here is a template face coverings discrimination letter.

Taking things further can be done using the Disability Attitude Readjustment Tool in England and Wales.

Alternatively you can use the Equality and Human Rights Commission advice service.

Or there is the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

Please always remember there is usually a six month time limit for a disability discrimination claim, although for employment cases it is usually 3 months. 


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