Carer told must go to work despite wife's injuries from fits

Tracey from Tredegar in South Wales had her PIP dailiy living component arbitrarily removed after a faulty "assessment by a health care professional".   This meant her husband was faced with the end of his carers allowance, which would have forced him to seek work.  Tracey has epilepsy and has sustained multiple injuries from fits. 

The DWP decision to remove Tracey's PIP daily living component was despite information readily available to it showing Tracey's safety could only be protected by her having a full time carer. 

Fortunately a single Kester Disability Rights letter resulted in PIP daily living being restored at the enhanced rate.  And this means her husband can continue to get carers allowance.  This was achieved so quickly that arrears were under £125!

Thousands of claimants in similar situations have to endure the full appeals regime (typically taking around a year) to get benefits restored.  This is a national scandal involving substantial risk and damage to disabled people and massive waste of tax payer's money.


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