Abuse of Government power moves from DWP to Honours

In 2017, the UK Government was found to have committed ‘grave and systematic’ violations of the rights of disabled people - surely a low-point in the history of the UK, especially since 1945. Yet now the politician most responsibe has been Knighted. In 2014 Iain Duncan-Smith received a Coroners report requiring him to take action to prevent further deaths of vulnerable benefits claimants. Since then several people have died in similar circumstances because nothing was done. These include Jodey Whiting who killed herself having had her income removed because she was unable to attend a personal assessment ordered because of the repeated reassessment policy persued by Iain Duncan-Smith. The repeated summonsing of chronically sick and disabled claimants to personal assessments, when in fact there is no actual doubt as to their eligibility for benefits, is his creation. And now the architect of a regime that costs tax payers a fortune in payments to contractors and "no brainer" appeals, and which has led to the deaths of claimants, and misery for thousands more, is Knighted. Here is a petition calling on the Government to correct the situation: https://www.change.org/p/uk-government-and-parliament-we-object-to-iain-duncan-smith-receiving-a-knighthood


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