What are the limits of KDR representation services?

KDR can represent you in complaints procedures and some tribunals only.  If your case goes to the County Court (usually the only place you can ultimately get remedy for disability discrimination if the offender resists) we may be able to assist with filling in forms and drafting statements etc but cannot provide representation due to court rules.  All County Court claims have to be issued with you as a litigant in person, unless we can get you a solicitor on legal aid, which is increasingly unlikely. 

Being a litigant in person is a right and the court system must adjust to your needs. We may be able to support you to use the courts as a litigant in person. The official position from the courts service is that litigants in person are welcomed (https://www.judiciary.uk/publications/new-edition-of-the-equal-treatment-bench-book-launched/).  Even so, this can seem daunting but it is also daunting being discriminated against.  We would provide you with information to help you make an informed choice as to whether you wish to bring a case.

We also have links to solicitors to potentially refer your case on if we think you have a case and they agree to take it.  This would be under a conditional fee agreement which is another way of saying no win no fee, but with solicitors it is a bit more complicated as you might imagine.  The solicitors we work with are Chattertons.  It's not obvious from the Chattertons home page they do disability discrimination but they do.