Gambling refunds

If you feel you have been taken advantage by the gambling industry – perhaps by entering into a rip-off “bonus” offer or being encouraged to gamble even though your disability limited your ability to understand the implications - then I may be able to help.

For example you staked £100 to claim a £100 bonus and then tried to withdraw your winnings and couldn’t and then lost your £100. Perhaps these were the circumstances in which you opened an account and perhaps you then lost a lot more. Or perhaps you were allowed to carry on gambling when you had “self excluded”? Or maybe a bookie allowed you to use somebody else’s debit or credit card which has caused major problems in family and personal relationships? If so it may be possible to get a refund. I’ll tell you what to do for free and also provide template letters, also entirely free of charge.

So called "bonus offers" where you have to put in your own money to "unlock the bonus" but where you tie up your own money are in my view illegal.  This is because the unreasonable wagering requirements mean that the moment you make a deposit on this basis you are virtually certain to lose your own money.  It is therefore not gambling but a scam and falls foul of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 - Unfair Terms.

Here are template letters to get refunds.  You may have to send them to Gibraltar, so make sure you include the costs of sending the letters in your claim.

Bonus offer refund 1st letter

Bonus refund offer final warning