Deaf easy read

Have you:

- been refused PIP even though you are deaf?
- had a face to face assessment and no communication support given?
- had a face to face assessment and had incorrect information put down?
- been sent letters about PIP that you don’t understand?
- struggling with money due to PIP refusal.
... Then Kester @ KDR can help
This is how Kester works:
- Kester will fight for your rights ensuring that any disability discrimination is challenged.
- Kester will do a full benefit check.
- In Kester's vast experience the majority of cases where loss of benefits happens relates to DWP’s mistake or discrimination, Kester will fight this with you.
Kester has lots of FREE information and advice on his website.
Kester charges for some services due to not getting funding.  
Kester is up front with costs and will only ever charge up to 25% of any lump sums gained for you.
For example,
Kester had a client who lost their DLA at the PIP transfer.
This meant his wife lost her carers allowance.
With Kester’s help he achieved full enhanced rate daily living PIP.
His wife gained backdated carers allowance.
He received a lump sum of just over £2,000 and his wife carer's allowance over £1000.
Kester’s fee was £500.