About Kester Disability Rights

Kester Disability Rights is a mixture of free and fee-paying services to fill gaps caused by Government cuts.

All resources and advice and information are free. The only time the question of a charge arises is if I take on your case and then only if we win.  I use the money I make from cases where I get new cash the claimant wasn't expecting to fund free advice as well as the website.

To access the different sections please check the "What I do" menu above where you can find an expanding range of useful information and template letters.

Appeal tribunals only restore what claimants should have been getting all along, and then typically after a wait of a year. Where benefits are removed due to discrimination then compensation is due as well as a commitment from the DWP to end the discrimination. When this isn't tackled claimants are left open to an endless cycle of benefits removal and appeals.

Here is one example of why just getting benefits back through the appeals process is not always enough.

Oral appeal tribunals are by no means the only way of getting decisions overturned.  Sometimes decisions can be overturned more quickly and/or without the stress of an oral hearing and, if an oral hearing is necessary, a telephone hearing may be more suitable.  Of my last 29 cases, three went to an oral hearing.  Twenty-four were overturned without an oral hearing and two lost.

If you wanted me to help you with your case, and we win a lump sum, you pay 25% (one quarter) of your benefits arrears and/or compensation. So if, for example, you are awarded £2,000 you will receive £1,500. If we do not win you pay nothing.

I have 20 years experience of disability rights work. My last job was as manager of a legal casework service for a national disability charity. Before that I was chief officer of a Citizens Advice Bureau.  Also, previous to that I worked in various casework and supervision roles for various Citizens Advice Bureaux and Age Concern.  I've also worked for three MPs. I set this up because the charity model of advice provision doesn't work very well because services funded in such a way are too limited and there can be unhealthy influence when funding comes from the Government or Local Authorities.

Here is an example of my work: Kester dealing with benefits sanctions

There are strict time limits for remedies – sometimes as little as one month from a bad decision by the DWP, so please don’t delay in making contact.